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Valentine's Day and Mourning:
Honoring those who have passed this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day & MourningFebruary often means hearts, floating cherubs and relatively inexpensive chocolate candies. But for those who recently lost someone, February can be a difficult time dealing with grief, loss and longing for loved ones passed on. Here are a few ways that those who are grieving and those close to individuals who are grieving can get through a month of love with grace.

Did your loved one have a favorite type of flower? Did they have a favorite color? On or around Valentine's Day, leave your loved one's favorite flower on their headstone or in their niche space. There are now a wide variety of silk and artificial flowers as well as beautiful creations made by florists that can cater to most requests with a variety of price ranges.

Was there a special type of food that you and your loved one shared? Were the two of you fond of a particular dish or cuisine? Try cooking that dish for you and a few close friends or try a new restaurant that serves that dish to create new lasting memories with a familiar flavor.

Was there a hobby that you shared with your loved one? Try taking a class with a friend or family member in that hobby. Join a painting class or go to a poetry reading. Sign up for a photography class or pick up a new skill like bird watching or knitting. Try writing a short story or poem and share it with friends and family. These creative endeavors can help heal a heavy heart.

This Valentine's Day and through the rest of February, be kind to yourself and to others. Your loved ones would want you to take care of yourself and honoring their legacy is a great stepping stone on the path of overcoming great loss.


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